What is The Amazing Mirror Maze

It's a unique, timeless, family-friendly, out-of-this-world adventure! The Amazing Mirror Maze from MLSC Games provides hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family. It is exhilarating, confusing, challenging, and most of all fun!

Your guests will be able to enter a world of never ending corridors bathed in futuristic lighting that pulses to the beat of the latest hit songs. A truly hip and exhilarating adventure. With seemingly endless hallways, the Amazing Mirror Maze will challenge your guests' sense of direction as they try to navigate their way through the maze. No one ever gets bored in this maze of mirrors.

Your guests will talk about the Amazing Mirror Maze long after
they successfully navigate its corridors!

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Benefits of The Amazing Mirror Maze *Back to the top

The Amazing Mirror Maze is great for:

• Family Entertainment Centers (FECs)
• Children Entertainment Centers (CECs)
• Malls
• Retail storefronts
• Seasonal events
• Themed parties
• Tourist attractions
• And more!

Benefits And Features of MLSC's Amazing Mirror Maze:

• Expandable
• Multiple configurations available
• Multicolor, high-energy lighting effects keep beat with music
• Able to accommodate different themes.
• Halloween
• Disco
• Dungeon
• Rain forest
• And MORE!

You will get more use out of your investment and have increased revenue by being able to cater to different themes. It is easy to change a theme by swapping the face panels on the archways and posts. The ability to customize the Amazing Mirror Maze makes it the perfect entertainment for a themed party or event. Change the theme to an underground cave or a dungeon and stage a haunted Halloween themed attraction during the fall.

Easy to Maintain:
The Amazing Mirror Maze is made of durable construction that stands up to rigorous daily use and is easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions *Back to the top

Q. How much can you charge each guest for admission?
Answer: That depends on you. Suggested fare is $4.00 for children's admission and $7.00 for adults. We encourage family discounts as well since the mirror maze is a great attraction for families to enjoy together.

Q. What age range does the Amazing Mirror Maze cater to?
Answer: It's great for all ages. The mirror maze particularly is great for families, providing a very unique and exciting form of entertainment while they work together to find their way out.

Q. How many people can use the mirror maze at one time?
Answer: It accommodates a constant flow of guests.

Q. How much space is required for the mirror maze?
Answer: The multiple configurations and the expandability allow the mirror maze to fit into a small or large area. It is able to fit in areas as small as 600 square feet or expand to fit an area that is 2500 square feet.


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Don't wait! The path through an Amazing Mirror Maze is challenging; your path to profit with an Amazing Mirror Maze is clear.

Pricing based on
size and configuration.

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